Thursday, July 7, 2011

A New Credit-based auction site I Discovered

I signed up on Listia, after one of my friends posted a comment and a link to it. It is one of the coolest things around. It is a credit-based auction website. You can bid your credits on what someone else is giving away. If you have been on eBay, bid on an item, you know what I mean.

Being a part of Listia can be rewarding. What you do is sign up. Then you will get at least 400 free credits for doing so. There are other ways to get credits. If you list an item to give away, then you will earn a certain amount of credits. Plus, if someone bids on your item and wins it, the credits they bid on transfers to your account. In addition, you can earn XP points and badges for being an active member. Tell your friends about this, especially if you are on Facebook, Twitter, and/or MySpace. If they sign up, they get points, you do too. Plus, if they auction off an item, you also profit from it as well.

When you bid, make sure you have the credits to do so. Sometimes the seller will include free shipping on the item(s) you bid on. Otherwise, the shipping amount is usually low. If you are not registered with Paypal, I recommend doing so.

Have fun!

Auctions for free stuff at

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